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PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN! SPECIALIZING IN LAKE FRONT PROPERTIES Lakeview Contracting Inc. is family owned and operated. We have been designing and building a vast array of structures and surfaces in and around Red Deer since 1991. We take great pride in our work and as a result have earned a large share of the more discerning market. Our purpose is to provide professional, hands on services, with uncompromising integrity, quality and value, for the more discerning customers of today and in the years to come. We provide professional services in a broad range of landscape design and construction applications. With a focus on lake shore development and restoration, geologically, and topographically difficult, or environmentally sensitive areas are common to us. We utilize specialized tools, equipment, and procedures for this delicate and demanding market sector. HARDSCAPING SERVICES: From pen on paper to wheels on the ground, Hardscaping is the heavy-lifting aspects of landscape construction and development. We have many years of experience in helping the flowers bloom; however, with our safety record in tow, we pride ourselves in being just as delicate with the heavy equipment. Below you will find some information on some of the construction related aspects of what we do. • PAVING STONE • RETAINING WALLS • SHORELINE ACCESS • SHORELINE ARMORING / EROSION CONTROL • DESIGN & ENGINEERING • STAIRS, DECKS, & FENCES • PILINGS & ANCHORS • PONDS & STREAMS SOFTSCAPING SERVICES: The final non-construction related work that really puts the colour and life into your landscape. We are looking forward to discussing your project with you in detail. In this section you will find some quick information on these aspects of landscape design and detailing. Contact Us if you have some questions for us. • SOD, SEEDING & ARTIFICIAL TURF • TREES & SHRUBS • IRRIGATION


Box 9045
Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1S6

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