Community Partners Association (Sylvan Lake & Area)

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4936 50 Avenue, Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1C9, Canada
Community Partners Association (Sylvan Lake & Area)
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Community Partners Association (Sylvan Lake & Area)

4936 50 Avenue, Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1C9, Canada


A Sylvan Lake charity working together for a healthy, resilient community where all its members are valued.

Connections & Crisis Intervention

is our Mission

Community Partners is a Registered Non-Profit Charity.  Beginning with just a few Family Education Support programs in 1998,

Community Partners has grown into a multi-programmed organization continually growing and embracing the needs of our constantly changing community

Creating Hope & Support For

thousands of local children, families & individuals in need, or in crisis


Our Mission

Community Partners is a non-profit organization that creates hope and support for children, families and individuals in need and/or in crisis through Information & Referral, services and programs. 

We are committed to serving Sylvan Lake and Neighboring Communities and our mission is to assist and minimize risk factors for children, families or individuals. 

Helping People is Our Passion!


Our Vision & Mandate

Community Partners is a local charity working with the community to provide assistance for any community members to bring health and wholeness to at risk children, individuals and families.

​To work with the Community of Sylvan Lake and it’s Stakeholders to build the capacity of the community to meet needs of children, individuals and families in Sylvan Lake & Area.


Our Goals

We will facilitate the development of supportive community networks

We will make information available to children, individuals and families about resources and options available to them

We will provide referrals to appropriate resources.

We will offer preventative programming that contributes to the safety and healthy development of children, individuals and families in the Sylvan Lake area.

We will contribute to the development of services and programs to meet newly identified needs.


Our Guiding Principles

We will work with local stakeholders in collaborative planning.

We will seek to present an understanding of our resources, strengths and needs.

We will indentify overlaps, gaps and opportunities for children, individuals and families

We will improve access, enhance information & referral and assist in access to specialized supports.

We will strive to support continuous improvement in the quality of services we provide.

Services will be inclusive and provide appropriate supports to all clients.

We seek to build on capacities and opportunities and address problems and identify issues in a solution-focused way.

We strive for outcomes and seek to maximize our resources and are committed to monitoring and evaluating the results of our collaboration.

We will be conscientious stewards of the community resources.


Our Children, Families & Community Need Your Support!




Community Services
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4936 50 Avenue, Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1C9, Canada
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